“Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain.” – 1 Cor. 9:24


  • Prize winners are already emerging in this awesome race of kingdom advancement.
  • The prizes here come mostly in form of life changing testimonies for the labouring saints.


  • God is not looking for who to use, He is looking for who to bless – Ex. 23:25-26
  • God is not looking for who to stress but who to make whole – Pro. 13:17
  • God is not looking for who to humiliate but who to elevate – Hab. 3:2/17-19
  • God is not looking for who to put to shame but who to honour – Jn. 12:24-26
  • God is not looking for who to punish but who to make prosper – Job 36:11

But our advancement as individuals will never stop until we stop advancing the course of the kingdom of God — Pro. 4:18

Prizes are already being handed down, every Winner must strive to win the prize as we continue to engage in kingdom advancement endeavours through prayers and reaching out with passion and love as our new way of life in this season of divine visitation.

As it is written; “…that he that ploweth should plow in hope; and that he that thresheth in hope should be partaker of his hope.” (1Cor.9:10)

The following testimonies will stir up the zeal of the Lord in us for dedicated and tireless engagement in kingdom advancement endeavours.

  • Business Turnaround

Before now I was experiencing serious setback in my business. Each time I go to my shop, very few customers come to patronize me. Sometimes nobody comes at all and most of the times; I won’t sell anything all day. I started praying and asking God for a change but nothing seemed to be happening.

When the wonder double agenda was announced, I saw it as an opportunity for my turnarounds, immediately I engaged in serious kingdom advancement prayer and intensive evangelism and bringing people to church, believing God for a turnaround in my business. Just like a dream of the night someone came to my shop and brought everything I will need in that shop. She bought lots of goods for me to put in my shop with her own money and told me to sell them. Interestingly, she said after selling them, I should keep the capital and profit for myself. As if that was not enough, customers started patronizing me like never before. I have come to bless the name of the Lord.

— Grace Micheal

  • Divine Favour Through Kingdom Service

When the season of the midst of the year wonder double 2015 was declared I made up my mind to engage in it like never before because I took the previous midst of the year season casually and I remembered papa saying if you remain on the same spot in this season of visitation then it is your fault so I got engaged with the whole of my being. During the One Night with the King Service of June 5fh 2015 papa spoke about the importance of having a kingdom prayer partner which I got involved with. During the Wonder Double season, my prayer partner and I engaged in a dry fast every Friday before the specialized outreach of Saturday praying for the kingdom and also for the establishment of souls and I told God that because I haven’t done this before he must visit me. I won souls for Christ joyfully and wholeheartedly, brought them for water baptism and also established them in WSF.

On 7th July 2015 during the Covenant Hour of Prayer, Papa emphasized on the fact that nothing should tamper with our joy this season. On that same day l got a call from a friend concerning assistance which I requested for but the response was not good. I remembered papa’s voice about being joyful. Immediately I forgot about the news and got joyful in my spirit. On that same day I got a call from another friend telling me that he has a personal project that he is working on and due to his job schedule abroad he won’t be able to handle it. He handed over the project to me even before I could say anything. The project is worth millions of Naira. I am neither an Engineer nor a project manager but God favored me. On the 29th of July the first part of the payment was made. I have come to return all the glory to God of Wonder Double, he has made manifest no 26, 27 and 28 of the winners’ personalized prophetic declaration in my life. Truly, serving God Pays

— Adenusi B.H.

  • 9 Years Broken Marriage Restored

In all my years as a believer, this midst of the year happens to be my best year in kingdom stewardship. In this wonder double season, I served God with the whole of my heart in prayers and witnessing to the lost with full expectations. I keyed into all the prophetic word, and the like a dream of the night, God turned my life around. After our Sunday communion service in July, I left the church that morning and decided to call my husband whom we have been separated for 9 years, I said he should come and take me home and he obliged. Today, we have reconciled, despite many failed efforts in attempting to put the family together in the past. Thank you Jesus. Indeed serving God pays.

– Mrs. Florence. E. M.

  • Rescue From Destruction Through Soul Winning

I want to give glory to God of my father that rescued me from death and destruction. When this prophetic season was declared l engaged fully and 5 souls were won to the church through me in the first week. It all happened that some staff in my office broke through the office and stole goods worth millions of naira. These robbers were arrested, and during their interrogation they lied against me that I was the one that sent them to carry out this evil acts. I was arrested arraigned in court and sent to remind custody to await trial. Meanwhile, while in the custody one of the new converts I ministered to during the outreach came to visit me, while talking, he said during one of the services he heard Papa said “the harvest is plenty, but the labourers are few” with tears in his eyes, he then said “if the labourers are few, why then is God allowing the enemy to take you away having won me to Christ.” It was at this point that my reward mentality came alive and we both prayed for God to vindicate me with immediate effect since I am a soul winner based on His word in Jn. 15:2 and since I did not know anything about the matter.

Lo and behold, the second day, the fellow that lied against me confessed that I knew nothing about the matter and I was discharged and set free, I have also been reinstated back to my work. Indeed the word works!

— Abraham, D

  • Total Restoration Through Soul Winning

I trade in electronics, but my business collapsed. I lost my shop and all my wares, my husband also lost his job. We came down to zero naira. I and my husband couldn’t payour house rent of N 350,000, which had expired since February, 2015. The landlord threatened to throw us out of the house by the end of June, 2015. I tried to borrow the money for our house rent from my friends and neighbour, but they didn’t borrow me. I also applied for loans but couldn’t get any. Meanwhile, I sell sobo in my neighbourhood to feed my family.

Then I went to meet my close friend, who is a member of the Winners family and is also into the electronics business to borrow me money to pay my house rent, but she didn’t give me any money, instead she told me she will give me something that will always bring money for me. This friend of mine doesn’t hustle for business but she is always getting contracts/ supply. She is ever busy with evangelism; she gave me fliers, invited me to Canaanland, fed me and gave me N1,000 as transport fare.

I joined the winners’ family in the first week of June 2015, during this midst of the year season. I participated fully in the 7-day fasting and prayer programme and also went out to evangelize souls aggressively, for the first time in my life, I have never gone for evangelism before now. God gave me grace and opened my understanding, I was able to win a lot of souls, including Muslims. And God in return has been very faithful, blessing me in my sobo business. I make over N 5,000 profit weekly.

Then on Thursday, 2nd of July, 2015 someone called me to supply some electronics worth 3.5 million naira. I transferred the money to my husband’s account, I have delivered the goods, I have paid my tithe, paid my pledge at the zonal center and I have also settled all my debts. God of Oyedepo has settled me here.

— JANESIGNS & WONDERS (formerly called Mrs. Adijat)

  • Uncommon Wonder-double Favour Through Outreach

During last Saturday outreach, I was distributing my handbills like a hungry lion but a smiling face and enthusiastically felling people about Christ and what God is doing in this church.

That same day, in the evening, a cousin of mine called me and said, “Do you want to further your education i.e. Master Degree programme, I said yes Sir. He told me to search for any university of my choice; so I began to search until I got it. During the midnight prayer, I tabled it before God and at about 4:33am my cousin called again and immediately requested for my account number, which I did. To the glory of God, the money for my transcript, original result and admission letter is already settled.

Secondly, I want to thank the God of Wonder-Double. Between the 2nd and 3rd Week of outreach, God gave me uncommon favour; I got a job without application. Between 10:00-11:00pm, I received a call from a major organization requesting for my CV and other personal data and documents with a matter of urgency as he was still in his office with his secretary at the said hour; within five minutes, I forwarded my data and documents to him.

Few days later, he called me and said, Congratulations!

“Your name is one of those who shall be going for training in the first batch” and my training allowance is almost Nine Hundred naira (N900,000). To confirm it all, I later received a text message from Organization showing my file number, my name. I was given a senior officer package, I have come to give God all the glory.

— Sis Christiana O

May these testimonies trigger the zeal of the Lord in the lives of every Winner, culminating in the rise of giants in our camp this year, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


Jesus is Lord!

David O. Oyedepo


Winners’ Chapel International


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