When we get they what Next?

When we get to that place we are preparing to go what next and what are we going to be doing they if probably our name is written in book of Life and why must we be they and how far have gone about the coming of Jesus Christ, when he come what will give to him as an appreciation of Love that he has for you by paying ALL depot that we suppose pay in the cross of Cavary? Some repent while some are unsaved while so are gossiper where are they going to and what are they going to do if God take them to hill fire? Think of it and quickly produce a testimony for Jesus. Thank and God bless you as we worship God in spirit!

No disconnection from Anywhere without Connection!

God always bless those that bless him in the time of Needy by given to the poors and to the needies. Just keep on doing Good work that God has ordined us to bee and surely your own testimony must be produce one day which will produce someone testimony too! Note it in your spirit now: it is what in your spirit that make’s the light of God shine on you and outside God’s Word your blessing from God can not be filfilled. So untill you get connected from God’s Word you can’t be Disconnected from God’s Word, think of it and make a change of stories in your life today. Thanks and be blessed as you do. Www.osygodokoroglobal123.WORDPRESS.Com/project

A New Anointing

The Anointing of
*#WISDOM #JOYFULNESS #SUCCESS #MOTIVATION #WISER #PEACE #FRUITFULNESS #MARKETING #FAVOUR #GREATNESS #FAITH #KNOWLEDGE #GOOD_READER AND Many more….. Has been released To you now in the name of Jesus christ. Congratulations my beloved sister for a glorious year which God has beautifully made to be a unique year in you today. May the Grace of God never lack in you to move higher and manifest the plans of God in you. Peace be unto you!