Get updated in God’s Word Everyday by day by mediating with your bible

Get updated in the bible of God today and you will enjoy it. Everyone are vital to God but old and new because he Loved us somuch by sent his son JESUS Christ to Share his precious blood for mankind who believed in him will have everlasting Life in bundle and enjoy the fruit of His/Her labour – john.3:16-20. Ye shall thou praise the LORD the creator of the hole universe for there is no one like thee. Psalm. 91:2-5, our father art in heaven has bless us let give him honor and glory in spirit by praying in the holy Ghost – 1cori.12:5. All you need is at God’s hands just claim yours today by prayer and fasting . Thank you and be blessed by the God of Bishop David O. Oyedepo. Please click here to countiue getting update from OsyGodokoro Global Service Team

what is your mind here Now?

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