Your healing is in God’s Hands!

There are some certain sickness that have defied medication. But God has provision for the healing of the world, because He is Jehovah Rapha, God the healer. His provision for divine health is however packaged in Christ and is therefore the preserver of all that are in Christ. Just like every father delights in the good health of his children (3 John. 2). Infact, Jesus also confirmed this fact: in responding to the cry of the syrophenician woman, that healing is “the children’s bread” (Mathew. 15:26, Mark.7:27). But the good news is, you can become a child of God right there where you are now!. You can be saved right away!. It is important to note however, that of the reasons why a believer can still be a victim of sickness and disease is ignorance about the will of God. “I know God heals, but who knows whether it is His will to heal me or not?. It is God’s will to heal you “And behold, there came a leper and worshiped Him, saying, Lord, if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean”. (Mathew. 8:2). And Jesus said, i will…. (3). It is His will for you to stay healthy; but you have to come to terms with him for that victue to flow. A working knowledge of the will of God is the believer’s back bone in the school of prayer. If it was His will to heal then, it is His will today and His will forever to heal and set the captive free (Hebrew. 13:8). That is what He did for one Brother Ude. He had suffered from 18years chronic ulcer in his right leg and had refused the option of amputation. For this reason he suffered physical pain and rejection. However, he gave his life to Christ at Winners Chapel after hearing the word of God and walking God, under two months, 18years old dries up and every trace pain and discomfort vanished.

Another, sister has this to say, “I give God all the Glory and adoration for restoring my Health. I went to hospital for medical checkup and it was said that I had Hepatitis B, I immediatetely ran to God’s Servant office, he Anointed me and he prayed for me and asked me to go back to the hospital for another checkup, which i did. Lo and behold, the new test result showed Hepatitis B negative. God’s servant decleared my healing and victory and it became real. To God be the Glory”. Sis. Washida Ufom.
Jesus is Lord, you are the next to share your own testimony with us in jesus name. Amen. Peace!

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