Living In The Bosom Of Faith Through God’s Word.

When you are a born again child of God you will learn many things that will build your life through God’s Word, outside God’s Word your faith can’t be build accept if you determine it in side your life then you take a step of faith by move around doing the light thing at light time you supose to do so. Hebrew.11:1-5, Joshua.1:8. Our God is a great God that maketh every word from your mouth to be a reality. Matt.6:30-33, remember it is your faith determine your success. No one serve God with all He/She have we remain Dsame or Accept your service with God is not well born again or you are doing eye service that while your Expectations are delaying. So be mindful how you serve God day and night for your expectation will not be cut off. Matt.6:1-12, james.1:5-8. Thank you and God bless you!

what is your mind here Now?

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