Am Anointed by God not by Anointing Oil

Yea, i have redeemed to served and to share God’s word which God has ordained me to do on earth, am well understand in the spirit of God that many are called to serve the living God while it’s some few are chosen which simple simple, untill you alise and take what lightfully belong to you by prayer and fasting you don’t know you have to fight before won a battle. Isa.47:1-15; 1john.5:4. An understandable child of God is a wise child of God, a sensitive child of God always serve God in spirit and truth, we are born to win and to Rule our world with the word of God in our Spirit, body & soul. Joshua.1:8, for we are one body with Christ Jesus. Praise God! 1John.5:4; John.3:16, matt.6:33
Thanks to God I have entered into my month of encounter with Power from God.

what is your mind here Now?

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